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Thank God , it rained. After a good shower on 1st July, monsoon performed a disappearing act. No rains for past few weeks had left Mumbai hot and dry. Since Mid-July is consider as peak time for rainy season, but it was different scenario this time. But at last it rained on Sat 26 July, reminding  a blurred memory of floods on same day earlier. Good to see everyone smiling now. But it’s a usual practice of blaming monsoon for continuous downpour but when rains stop, then crying and blaming monsoon for not pouring. I think this is the reason why Monsoon is really confused….!!!…hahaha

So , let monsoon do his job and we shall enjoy each day and every season. According to information water levels of all six lakes are rising. Since it’s a weekend in Mumbai, its been good relieving weekend for Mumbaikars.


A heavy monsoon downpour flooded streets and disrupted transport in Mumbai on Tuesday morning, with city officials advising citizens to stay indoors. According to meteorological department officials, Mumbai has received around 395 mm of rain since morning, submerging several parts of the city. “The incessant rain has flooded many low-lying areas in Matunga, Sion, Worli, Lower Parel in central Mumbai, Chembur and Wadala in the eastern suburbs and Bandra, Andheri and Borivali in the western suburbs,” an official at the Mumbai disaster management cell said.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has urged people to stay indoors till 5 p.m. as a high tide of about four metres is expected this afternoon. Fishermen have also been asked not to venture out to sea. According to the disaster management cell of the local civic body, high tide will be at 1100 hrs while low tide will be at 1600 hrs, which is expected to create more problems as flood waters are unlikely to recede fast. Only then the flood gates will be opened to allow rain water to drain.

I am providing some important telephone numbers you can call if you area is flooded in the city.(reference taken as per BMC information)

Mumbai: Important numbers you can call if your area in Mumbai is flooded this monsoon.

BMC Commissioner – Jairaj Phatak – 9820092861, 22620525
DMC, Disaster Mgmt – S Shinde – 9820702503, 22704403
AMC (Western Suburbs) 9833184848 – Kishore Gajbhiye – 22620251
MMRDA Commissioner – Ratnakar Gaikwad – 9867876767, 26591234

Additional Municipal Commissioner (City) – RA Rajeev – 9833181818, 22620251
AMC, (Eastern Suburbs) – Madhav Sangle – 9920555100, 22620251
Or call the ward officer
A – Balamwar V M: 22661353, 9820702619
B – Gadkari S Y: 23736622, 9833539011
C – Bole V G: 22014022, 9820935610
D – Chore C D: 23861426, 9820702621
E – Patil P J: 23081471, 9820702620
F/S – Patwardhan V B: 24135460, 9869313204
F/N – Karwande S K: 24024353, 9820702616
G/S – Thorat P K: 24305031, 9820702606
G/N – Pai N V: 24212776, 9820702624
H/E – Mistry U D: 26182217, 9820702657
H/W – Rathod G P: 26422311, 9820702612
K/E – Dhakne R B: 26840103, 9820702618
K/W – Dhamne S M: 26239165, 9820702607
P/S – Kolekar B P: 28722244, 9820702625
P/N – Kshirsagar M M: 28823266, 9820702614
R/S – Shankarwar V V: 28054697, 9820702513
R/N – Khanolkar A B: 28920242, 9833578993
R/C – Waghralkar A S: 28930341, 9820702622
L – Khoje A S: 26505103, 9820702610
M/E – Mehta S C: 25283900, 9969037702
M/W – Pawar R W: 25283900, 9930356222
N – Prabhu V P: 25094161, 9820702603
S – Kale H A: 25947570, 9820702604
T – Masurkar P R: 25645289, 9820702607







Yeh..Mumbai is raining again, rain in much more than the expected rain. Though entire Mumbai was waiting for rain god to bless them. Since every coin has two sides, even Mumbai’s monsoon has proved that even before. Streets and rail tracks are again filled with water. Many people are being evacuated from low level areas because government did not want to repeat the last year incidents again. This is only fifth day of rain and Mumbai has started panicking. Why Mumbai has started facing this problem severely from last two years? Mumbai always get lot of rain but this much of noise was not there earlier. What has happened? Is it rain or some other reasons are there? Rain has some reason behind all this because there is an increase in /cm rain. However the main reason behind all this is much deeper. According to Mumbai Municipal Corporation the main reason behind all this is old sewerage system. This reason is true up to large extent, because due increasing population of Mumbai city its sewerage system has become outdated. Mumbai city immediately need a better sewerage system which can hold these kinds of rains.

Following are some information just to keep you all updated on Mumbai monsoon:

Flooding points


There a number of chronic flooding points in Mumbai which result in disruption of traffic and flooding of settlements.



1. S.V. Road Low level

2.  Burhni College

3. Slatter Road

4. Hindmata

5. Wadala Station

6. Sandhurst Road

7. Mumbai Central

8. King Circle

9.Sakhubai Mohite Marg

10 Maratha Mandir


Eastern Suburb

1. Kurla Station (W), Near Rickshaw Stand

2. L.B.S. Marg, C.S.T. Junction to Sheetal Cinema, Kurla (W)

3. From Premier Road up to Milind Nagar Nalla, Kurla (W)

4. Shanti Nagar, Baigan Wadi

5. Sindhi Society, Chembur (W),

6. Between 21st Road and Subhash Nagar Road, Jeevan Bahar Society, Chembur (W)

7. Shanta Jog Marg, Tilak Nagar, Chembur (W)

8. Savan Bazar, N.G. Acharya Marg, Chembur (W)

9. Kirol Road, Near Fatima High School, Ghatkopar (W)

10. New Pant Nagar from Vallabh Baug Extension, Lane upto Railway Police Quarters, Ghatkopar (E)

11. Naval Dockyard at L.B.S. Marg, Jn. Chirag Nagar Raod, Ghatkopar (W)

12. Bhandup Village Road, Near Progressive Steel Co. Bhandup (W)


Western Suburb

1. Juhu Tara Road & S.V. Road Junction, Santacruz (W)

2. Milan Subway – Santacruz (W)

3. Andheri Subway, Andheri (W)

4. Marol Market, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (W)

5. Vidyanidhi Complex, JVPD North, Vileparle (W)

6. Gazdar Bundh, Santacruz (W)

7. Bhogale Chowk, Vileparle (E)

8. Junction of M.G. Road, Subhash Road Vileparle (E)

9. Veera Desai Road, Last Bus Stop, Andheri (W)

10. Kotkar nalla, Goregaron (E)

11. Piramal Nagar Nalla, Goregaon (W)

12. Rani Sati Marg, Makrani Pada, Malad (E)

13. Valnai Hutment Colonies, Kandivali (W)

14. Link Road, Guria Pada, Malad (w)

15. Malad Subway, Malad (E) & (W)

16. Opp. Kandivali Fire Station, S.V. Road, Kandivali (W)

17. Sambhaji Nagar, Dahisar (E)

18. Dahisar Subway, Dahisar (E) & (W)



    • A well equipped emergency first aid kit with bandage, pain relief spray, antiseptic cream, anti-allergic like Avil, Aspirin, mosquito repellent cream or spray.
    • Car drivers with diabetes, blood pressure, asthma or illness for which they take prescription drugs, should keep a stock of their medicines in the car.
    •  In a disaster- like situation instead of trying to reach home, first reach the nearest acquaintance/Bank branch. Try to minimize travel.
    • Lower your window panes while driving through water logged areas.
    • Carry out pre-monsoon checks of batteries, tires, electrical wiring, engine, maintenance of your car including wipers and top-up the fuel of your car during the monsoon.
    • Ensure that your car have the recommended air pressure and sufficient tread depth.
    • Install in your car mobile battery charger and ensure your FM Radio is in working condition to tune into announcements. Ensure that you have at least one CDMA cell phone in the car. It seems that CDMA phones worked more effectively than the GSM phone during an emergency.
    • Handy things to be kept in the car :
      • Hammer: to break the glass in case of an auto-lock system failure.
      • Thick nylon rope, about 20 meters long, with a hook
      • Fully charged powerful torch.
      • A working whistle.
      • Plastic sheets and spare umbrella.
      • Keep extra tyre (stepni) ready all the times.
      • Adequate dry, non -perishable food items.
      • Adequate quantity of water.
    • Put emergency contacts in your cell phone, to enable any rescuer to inform your nearest ones at the earliest.
    • Ensure wipers are in good condition and functioning properly.
    • Keep your car’s workshop contact no.
    • Exercise extreme caution after a long dry spell. During a dry period, engine oil and grease build up on the road over time. When mixed with water from a new rainfall, the road becomes extremely slick. Continued rainfall will eventually wash away the oil, but the first few hours can be the most dangerous.Allow for more travel time during monsoon.


    Very Important points are explained with red bullets

    ·         Apply brake earlier and with less force than you would normally.

    ·         If you must continue driving, drive slower. Leave plenty of room between you and the next vehicle. Give a truck or bus extra distance.

    ·         Turn on your headlights.

    ·         Watch out for pedestrians.

    ·         Defog your windows.

    ·         Slow down when you are driving through still water. Even small amount can cause your vehicle to lose control.

    ·         Be very cautious at night. It’s much harder to detect flooded areas in the dark.

    ·         Never drive alone in the disaster -prone areas. Avoid low lying areas.

    ·         At any time your Life is more precious than your car, so in case you are stuck be prepared to park and walk.

    ·         Obey all caution signs.



Recently, the Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) published the 19 days of high tide as red-letter days in the rainy season between June 3 and September 1 for this year.While the monsoon is expected on June 10, possibilities of it setting in early are high, says the weather bureau. In effect, this means, that on these 19 days, when the crest of waves at high tide is over four meters and there is heavy rain, the possibility of the city flooding is very high.

Sluice gates, which funnel floodwaters from the city to the Arabian Sea, are also closed on these days, increasing the possibility of flooding if there are heavy rains.  Please be alert if there are heavy rains during the afternoons.

 On 26th July 2005, combined with the high tides, an unbelievable 944 mm of rainfall, contributed to over 400 deaths in Mumbai region. It would be good to take note of the below dates and review your entities plans & preparations to meet any contingencies this monsoon season.


After a terrible and hot summer the wait for most awaited and adorable season…Yes…It was time  to thank God for expressing his love with the first showers in Mumbai….Growing up in Mumbai, I am used to the Mumbai rain. Mumbai rains can be ravaging with rains continuously lashing and many parts of the city getting submerged in water. It was during these times when schools and colleges would shut down early giving a half day or even a complete holiday for children.


The joy of getting an unannounced holiday cannot be described in words. It’s a surprise, it’s an unexpected happiness which comes your way very rarely. I can still remember the facial expressions and excitement .Although we have never done anything special during those holidays or half-days, the excitement was discussed with all the friends in the evening. Some of us would not get a holiday because the school does not think its that big a risk. The boy/girl would walk home with dejected face that evening and his friends would ridicule him and his school for not giving a holiday. Most of the time that boy would be me.


If the holiday is on a Friday then it is considered to be the “Occasion” because it meant three days holiday. Things never got bad in school because we went to school near our home. The college was far away from home and involved traveling in Mumbai locals.


Mumbai local trains have an uncanny ability to stay alive during crisis, almost dead but alive. Traveling from Grant Road to a distant suburb in North Mumbai can be a daunting task during Mumbai’s heavy rains. I remembered once when the trains stopped after a heavy shower, we had walked from Andheri to Malad through roadways. Although scary, it was fun, a small little adventure in our mundane life of practical and electron and electrical circuits.

Once my professional life began, there were quite a few moments to go home after a downpour like that. Currently I am in Saudi Arabia for some on-site assignment to be completed. Tuning into online news, I heard the sound and felt the atmosphere of first rain which Mumbai experience few days back. Hope to complete the assignment and get back to Mumbai to enjoy the climate. This is my first post and for all those who are missing Mumbai rains along with me.