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I’ve tried to make this short, yet with enough detail that a first-time visitor would understand what this blog is all about….

“RaiExpress” is my personal blog. I may write about sports, current affairs, blogging, weather, entertainment, my family, politics, computers, etc.. Basically, I have a variety of interests, and at some point or another, they’ll all probably pop up in some way. If you’re looking for blog that covers a narrow niche of topics, this one might not be your thing. But if you’re interested in interacting with some interesting people (me, as well as some of my friends who may drop in), then please feel free to pull up your virtual chair, and join the conversation.

As far as the “mechanics” of the blog; I post when I feel like I have something useful to say. Could be a couple of times a day, or 2-3 times a month. I don’t believe in trying to keep to a blog-posting schedule..:)



2 Responses to “Blog Info”

  1. Hi!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am one of the fann of BENGOL TIGER. I am happy about your ideas

  2. thanks shital for ur feedback…hope to c ur coments

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