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Back from a break

Hello everyone and a very happy new year to all my friends. I am back after the break with lots of energy and many more things to say. By the end of last year I visited many beautiful places in south africa and out of all Cape town deserves all the accolades.To start with, I don’t have enough words to express my feelings and exhilaration, that I felt when I toured around Capetown.

I landed up in Capetown on thursday evening and we  had only 3 days to go around places. I know it wasnt enough but we planned our trip accordingly and decided to go main tourist spots. We were welcomed by thunderstorms and cool wind and suddenly a quick responce from one of my friends, “Was this a right time to come here? ” and we all gave him a weird look. We got into our car and and checked in to our hotel at Camps Bay.

It was already late so we decided to take a dinner and went off to sleep so that we can start early on sat morning. But it did not turn out at all the way I thought it would,  everyone were sleeping as if we had come all the way to Cape town to take a nap. It was so disgusting. I woke up and went down to everyone to woke up and ask them to get ready. We were already late by 2 hrs by our plan. I was quite sure was gonna miss Table Mountain that day, so I changed the plan and we all decided to move Cape Point without any further delay.

After driving for 1 1/2 hrs we reached Cape point. I gasped! the moment I saw the scenic view from the top. My next destination was Cape of Good Hope, the southern most point of African continent. It was already evening and we decided to get back to our place and spend sometime sitting on the beach nearby. 

Next morning (Sat) to my surprise, everyone got up early, may be because of my yesterdays bashing. I was happy but the weather had some other plans for us. It was cloudy and a trip to Table Mountain was impossible, so i decided to finish off all the other nearby tourist spots quickly before it starts pouring . We were able to visit Hout bay, Champman’s Peak, Mariner’s Wharf and V& A Waterfront. It was drizzling right from morning but by the time it was evening it started pouring heavily, so we rushed back to ur hotel for rest of the day.  Our main destination Table Mountain was gambled by me on sunday. I went off to sleep praying that weather should be clear tommorow. 

Wow !!! it was indeed a bright morning and sun was shining at its best. We didnt waste anytime and went up for Table Mountain. I saw hundreds of tourist waiting for their turn to enter Cable Car to take them up the mountain and then  I came to know why this is called No.1 tourist attraction in SA. It was a wonderful experience at the top of the mountain. We finished off our Tour de Capetown by visiting some wineyards and then back to our hotel.

To sum it all, my trip to Capetown was a memorable experience that will never get faded from my memory 🙂


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