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The love for any sport has to begin somewhere. For me, the love of cricket began when I was 6. Too young, some of you might quip. But there is nothing you can do to change facts. I played cricket with my friends through my entire childhood as well as at my school and college level. I still remember I was always glued to idiot box and watch cricket matches especially if it was India playing with any other countries of the world.

Recently I heard the news the MCC and ICC are worried about Test Cricket and thinks its in trouble. Yes, there is no doubt in it. We all know Test Cricket is a real talent test for any cricketer in the world. But what I see from here, test cricket will eventually become somewhat similar to the proverbial goldfish swimming in a bowl, players playing in empty stadium or for the benefit of those who can subscribe to media carrying the highlights.

 Makeover: There are many ways that ICC shall adopt so as to make test cricket amazing and pull the attention of cricket lovers back

1.      Introducing Test Championship

2.      Making sporting pitches, not the deathbeds for bowlers mostly seen on the subcontinent

3.      Allow substitutions to make it more interesting at least in 3 and 4th innings so teams can adapt mid-way. Imagine defending a 120 run target with 7 bowlers

4.      Allow day-night tests… crowds will come

5.      Performance based points/ payments for Test cricket

 Although some of the above-mentioned points seem to be ridiculous at first glance, but you never know which might hit the jackpot. 

Don’t Blame BCCI & ICC: For those, who are constantly criticizing BCCI and ICC for introducing IPL. I really don’t understand how a two-year-old baby of cricket can destroy 130 yr old tradition of cricket. In England T20 is played from a long time, why not cry for that?

I am big fan of Test Cricket when it’s played at the highest level but that doesn’t mean I just shun of other versions of cricket too. I doubt any T20 would have given you the thrill the last moments of the drawn Ashes Test, Test saving innings from Laxman-Dravid against Aussies.We need to make sure that Test cricket will not die – but will change and become more exciting.



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