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Its Federer Again: History created..!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was historic day on the centre court that witnessed a nerve-racking final between Swiss Ace Roger Federer and man in form from US, Andy Roddick. After almost 4 hr. contests, history was created. By winning the final, Roger has 15 grand slam titles surpassing Pete Sampras 14 slams win. Federer clearly proved that he is the greatest in the history of tennis. I think this record is surely going to be unbroken for a long time. 

The thriller final showed how tough it is to beat Federer in best of 5 set match. Feel extremely sorry for Roddick though. He played his heart out and kept Federer on toes till the last serve. I think the difference was in last two points. That was only time when Federer was able to break Roddick’s service and that was enough for him. This is what makes great champions. They know when to give something extra to make them extraordinary.

 It was really one of memorable final and what a day it was on the centre court with legends like Bjorn Borg, Pete Sampras and Laver watching the match. I feel we all are lucky enough to witness the historic player of the tennis at his best. Though Nadal was not around, but injuries are part and parcel of any game and who knows Federer might had kept some undiscovered shots for Rafa 🙂

Roger you simply rock and you will be my best tennis player ever…cheers..!!!!

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