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Tribute to Michael Jackson: The Irreplaceable King

Yes its true and a fact that Michael Jackson is no more around us.

Its been a almost a week now, families and his relatives preparing for a grand funeral for Michael. I still remember the tragic day I was on my way to office, when I heard 3 continuous song of Michael. It seems like they are celebrating his b’day or some, but I was shocked to hear about his mysterious death. He died at 50.

I was not a hardcore fan of Jacko, but suddenly I felt that yes I am missing the King of Pop and I felt like I should pay tribute to Jacko from my part. Some of his tracks like ‘Thriller’ and ‘Billie Jean” was my favorite of all time. I remember the days when I used to try moonwalk after watching his videos. It’s amazing how many people he touched with his talents. MJ, for most of this generation was an icon who made uncompromising music. His loss is irreplaceable.  

Even though he was surrounded by many controversies in last decades, he conveyed a message to world community through his music everytime. Jacko your name, your music will live forever and you will always be in our hearts. You will be always be remembered. He was a true musical icon whose identifiable voice, innovative dance moves, stunning musical versatility. I don’t have words to express. I was very sad, when I came to know that he was planning a comeback in this July 2009.

 Jacko I cant forget you throughout my life and you will be my favorite pop icon. MAY GOD REST HIS SOUL IN PEACE.


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