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Waiting for IPL-2: DC v/s KKR


Hey Friends…. I apologize for not been so regular on my blog. Was bit busy with project assignments in States. As hardcore fan of cricket, I was upset because of the change of venue of IPL-2 from India to SA. I had big plans to see matches in Mumbai. But now m bit excited, Guess what…. I got a project assignment in South Africa. Landed in SA on 9th of May, I thought it would be easy for me to get away with tickets for IPL matches. But my dreams shattered when I was told that all tickets for semis and final are sold out. Now I could see no ray of hope…and have to devote ma self in work.

Then I thought what if I couldn’t get tickets for semis and final, I can always try for league matches so as to make ma self-content. So I went back to IPL official site and searched for tickets for league matches. Bingo…I got tickets for Deccan Chargers v/s Kolkata Knight Riders. Even though I love Mumbai Indians as a Mumbaikar, but I love Gilchrist, Gibbs and RP Singh. So I am bit excited to watch them live at Wanderers. It’s on Saturday (16th May 09). Hey friends If anyone has tickets for semis oir final, pls let me know.

Rest of all is fine. Will get back to you all after the match to share my experience on the ground. Bye for now. Cheers


One Response to “Waiting for IPL-2: DC v/s KKR”

  1. Interesting post, joined your rss feed. Thanks as I’m starting out in forex trading

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