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Mumbai Attack: Time to Act Together

Today we are paying tribute to all the martyrs and innocent people who got killed in the dreadful massacre which happened exactly on last Wednesday. Just slight memories of that incident and innocent people lying on the ground bring tears into my eyes.


I would like to ask everyone, “What Next ?”.Everyone says, This was one the major attacks in Mumbai and also in India, Yes I agree, but what about the earlier attacks?

Casualties would be the same had terrorists carried out these attacks on 10 small hotels instead of TAJ and OBEROI. But enough is enough.


I request you all to keep circulating mails of terror attacks, mails exposing politicians, mails regarding governments in competencies in protecting us and INDIA, their in competencies in taking quick stern actions against culprits .Today I saw the news that politicians spend hundreds of crores of taxpayer’s money to protect themselves. Some of them may be at genuine risk, but there are several politicians who surround themselves with gun-totting commandos and end-up harassing ordinary man and blocking traffic. More than 250 crore is spent on VIP protection.


Its time for Media to force these politicians to answers all questions. Media should make available a platform to pressurize the politicians by common man. They should devote a column in newspaper strictly dedicated to this incident so that it should not get lost easily within a fortnight or a week.


This is a wonderful opportunity for India, when Pakistan is on the backfoot. Let us technically agree that Pakistan govt is not directly involved in it. So, let the Pakistan Govt give logistic support to India to get into their territory and blast out these terrorists agaisnt whom we have sufficient evidence. There is a recent precedence too. Pakistan has given logistic support to US to carry out its operations at Waziristan, a place inside Pakistan, where US drones are eliminating terrorists. We will assure Pakistan that there will be no civilian damage. This will show India’s stand and seriousness in fighting terror. If Pakistan is sincere, they must have no objection…



One Response to “Mumbai Attack: Time to Act Together”

  1. It’s a very good article.This shows how the writer is enthu to keep these issues moving..
    Good work ..keep it up

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