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A tribute to Dada : Tiger's final roar !!!

Dada roars..!!!!

Dada roars..!!!!

It was a day of emotion and drama.It was Dada’s retirement day and yes TIGERS LAST ROAR. I was emotionally touched when I saw dada waving and throwing his t-shirt to the crowds bringing back memories of Lords, where we saw dada’s aggression for cricket.

I am not a die-heart fan of Dada, but Saurav was the best captain India has ever produced till now. He will be remembered for uniting the team and instilling them the fighting spirit and aggression ( the most needed qualities for modern sport person apart from talent). I really enjoyed watching Dada’s offside stroke and overall captaincy.

His true captaincy came to lights during World Cup 2003 when India were considered as an Underdogs with Ganguly selecting new sets of players. But we outperformed each and every team and reached finals. It would not be fair to ignore Dada’s entry into world cricket.The first glimpse of Saurav goes back to Toronto series where he rose to fame after successful test debut in England.His resilience and attitude is something I will always remember and try to emulate in the endeavors of my life also. He is example of determination personified and what he did is possibly something that cant be emulated in the years to come.Saurav is pioneer in making the Indian team that we see today.

Good that his last test ended on the series ending note, with Dhoni even allowing to lead for 3 overs, we saw dada still enjoying his last three overs of careers. I know that Dada’s ending days were not so cheerful, lots of controversies, criticism. But this is Indian cricket, today Dada then it can tendulkar, dravid next. But everyone knows Dada’s contribution to Indian cricket and the way he has lead the team.

Truly Dada…I will miss you and hope even India will truly miss one of the legends of World Cricket.

Dada the inspiration...

Dada the inspiration...

Dada receiving awards

Dada receiving awards



Courtesy- http://www.timesofindia.com/cricket


One Response to “A tribute to Dada : Tiger's final roar !!!”

  1. Nice Post. And also very good looking site with nice contents.

    My favorite character in cricket is Dada. I miss him really. He brings the right tone of success in India’s Current team.


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