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High tide days in Mumbai…

Recently, the Bombay Municipal Corporation (BMC) published the 19 days of high tide as red-letter days in the rainy season between June 3 and September 1 for this year.While the monsoon is expected on June 10, possibilities of it setting in early are high, says the weather bureau. In effect, this means, that on these 19 days, when the crest of waves at high tide is over four meters and there is heavy rain, the possibility of the city flooding is very high.

Sluice gates, which funnel floodwaters from the city to the Arabian Sea, are also closed on these days, increasing the possibility of flooding if there are heavy rains.  Please be alert if there are heavy rains during the afternoons.

 On 26th July 2005, combined with the high tides, an unbelievable 944 mm of rainfall, contributed to over 400 deaths in Mumbai region. It would be good to take note of the below dates and review your entities plans & preparations to meet any contingencies this monsoon season.


One Response to “High tide days in Mumbai…”

  1. Dear Sir,
    The gateway pic is one of the greatest captures a photographer can dream of. Its stunning. Please accept my congratulations. I would like to photograph this my self if i can get the dates of high tide for the next monsoon.
    Of course all sympathies for the people who get affected in the flood, this is the only sad part of this.
    Tata Tinplate,

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