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Missing Rains in Mumbai..!!

After a terrible and hot summer the wait for most awaited and adorable season…Yes…It was time  to thank God for expressing his love with the first showers in Mumbai….Growing up in Mumbai, I am used to the Mumbai rain. Mumbai rains can be ravaging with rains continuously lashing and many parts of the city getting submerged in water. It was during these times when schools and colleges would shut down early giving a half day or even a complete holiday for children.


The joy of getting an unannounced holiday cannot be described in words. It’s a surprise, it’s an unexpected happiness which comes your way very rarely. I can still remember the facial expressions and excitement .Although we have never done anything special during those holidays or half-days, the excitement was discussed with all the friends in the evening. Some of us would not get a holiday because the school does not think its that big a risk. The boy/girl would walk home with dejected face that evening and his friends would ridicule him and his school for not giving a holiday. Most of the time that boy would be me.


If the holiday is on a Friday then it is considered to be the “Occasion” because it meant three days holiday. Things never got bad in school because we went to school near our home. The college was far away from home and involved traveling in Mumbai locals.


Mumbai local trains have an uncanny ability to stay alive during crisis, almost dead but alive. Traveling from Grant Road to a distant suburb in North Mumbai can be a daunting task during Mumbai’s heavy rains. I remembered once when the trains stopped after a heavy shower, we had walked from Andheri to Malad through roadways. Although scary, it was fun, a small little adventure in our mundane life of practical and electron and electrical circuits.

Once my professional life began, there were quite a few moments to go home after a downpour like that. Currently I am in Saudi Arabia for some on-site assignment to be completed. Tuning into online news, I heard the sound and felt the atmosphere of first rain which Mumbai experience few days back. Hope to complete the assignment and get back to Mumbai to enjoy the climate. This is my first post and for all those who are missing Mumbai rains along with me.


3 Responses to “Missing Rains in Mumbai..!!”

  1. Thers sand in the air, my nose, my throat, as far as I can see, I see sand..Yes I am in Kuwait for business…My god, what am I doing here??!! I have never been away from the monsoon in Mumbai ever since I’ve lived in the city. We crib, curse and hate the road conditions, the water clogging, the muck everywhere… But now that I am away from my city… that’s the thing I miss the most!!! I want to be there at any cost!! Now I feel… There is nothing like a hot Vada Pao in the torrential showers, there’s nothing like a roasted corn ate Worli Sea face, And above all..There is nothing like a long ride across the country side on my beloved motorcycle!!! How I miss those days… If I could only turn back time!!!

  2. Hi Azim thanx for your comment…really buddy miss everything of mumbai….

  3. You guys know that you will be going sooner, for me being in US, i miss all the stuff what u guys are missing. Though we get rains here too, but the rains in mumbai,with all congested traffic, with mouth watering thele walas, hot bhajya,batatawada,Bhutta and in that downpour worst situation, you find peoples playful nature.
    I miss the last train ride from CST to CBD in rainy season, Hanging with friends on thelewalas.
    Miss everything about mumbai, believe me guys go anywhere in world, even newyork, mumbai is mumbai.

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