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Hello everyone and a very happy new year to all my friends. I am back after the break with lots of energy and many more things to say. By the end of last year I visited many beautiful places in south africa and out of all Cape town deserves all the accolades.To start with, I don’t have enough words to express my feelings and exhilaration, that I felt when I toured around Capetown.

I landed up in Capetown on thursday evening and we  had only 3 days to go around places. I know it wasnt enough but we planned our trip accordingly and decided to go main tourist spots. We were welcomed by thunderstorms and cool wind and suddenly a quick responce from one of my friends, “Was this a right time to come here? ” and we all gave him a weird look. We got into our car and and checked in to our hotel at Camps Bay.

It was already late so we decided to take a dinner and went off to sleep so that we can start early on sat morning. But it did not turn out at all the way I thought it would,  everyone were sleeping as if we had come all the way to Cape town to take a nap. It was so disgusting. I woke up and went down to everyone to woke up and ask them to get ready. We were already late by 2 hrs by our plan. I was quite sure was gonna miss Table Mountain that day, so I changed the plan and we all decided to move Cape Point without any further delay.

After driving for 1 1/2 hrs we reached Cape point. I gasped! the moment I saw the scenic view from the top. My next destination was Cape of Good Hope, the southern most point of African continent. It was already evening and we decided to get back to our place and spend sometime sitting on the beach nearby. 

Next morning (Sat) to my surprise, everyone got up early, may be because of my yesterdays bashing. I was happy but the weather had some other plans for us. It was cloudy and a trip to Table Mountain was impossible, so i decided to finish off all the other nearby tourist spots quickly before it starts pouring . We were able to visit Hout bay, Champman’s Peak, Mariner’s Wharf and V& A Waterfront. It was drizzling right from morning but by the time it was evening it started pouring heavily, so we rushed back to ur hotel for rest of the day.  Our main destination Table Mountain was gambled by me on sunday. I went off to sleep praying that weather should be clear tommorow. 

Wow !!! it was indeed a bright morning and sun was shining at its best. We didnt waste anytime and went up for Table Mountain. I saw hundreds of tourist waiting for their turn to enter Cable Car to take them up the mountain and then  I came to know why this is called No.1 tourist attraction in SA. It was a wonderful experience at the top of the mountain. We finished off our Tour de Capetown by visiting some wineyards and then back to our hotel.

To sum it all, my trip to Capetown was a memorable experience that will never get faded from my memory 🙂


The love for any sport has to begin somewhere. For me, the love of cricket began when I was 6. Too young, some of you might quip. But there is nothing you can do to change facts. I played cricket with my friends through my entire childhood as well as at my school and college level. I still remember I was always glued to idiot box and watch cricket matches especially if it was India playing with any other countries of the world.

Recently I heard the news the MCC and ICC are worried about Test Cricket and thinks its in trouble. Yes, there is no doubt in it. We all know Test Cricket is a real talent test for any cricketer in the world. But what I see from here, test cricket will eventually become somewhat similar to the proverbial goldfish swimming in a bowl, players playing in empty stadium or for the benefit of those who can subscribe to media carrying the highlights.

 Makeover: There are many ways that ICC shall adopt so as to make test cricket amazing and pull the attention of cricket lovers back

1.      Introducing Test Championship

2.      Making sporting pitches, not the deathbeds for bowlers mostly seen on the subcontinent

3.      Allow substitutions to make it more interesting at least in 3 and 4th innings so teams can adapt mid-way. Imagine defending a 120 run target with 7 bowlers

4.      Allow day-night tests… crowds will come

5.      Performance based points/ payments for Test cricket

 Although some of the above-mentioned points seem to be ridiculous at first glance, but you never know which might hit the jackpot. 

Don’t Blame BCCI & ICC: For those, who are constantly criticizing BCCI and ICC for introducing IPL. I really don’t understand how a two-year-old baby of cricket can destroy 130 yr old tradition of cricket. In England T20 is played from a long time, why not cry for that?

I am big fan of Test Cricket when it’s played at the highest level but that doesn’t mean I just shun of other versions of cricket too. I doubt any T20 would have given you the thrill the last moments of the drawn Ashes Test, Test saving innings from Laxman-Dravid against Aussies.We need to make sure that Test cricket will not die – but will change and become more exciting.


Its Raining man…Hallejulah…I am not uttering these song because I just heard Geri Haliwell’s album…but this one is for Mumbai’s heavy rains that lashed out City yet again on Tuesday 14th July 2009.

Heavy water pour accompanied by gusty winds was reported from last evening. As a result, local trains were running late by 40-45 minutes causing much trouble to the daily commuters. Water Logging was also reported of certain low-lying areas of the city like Byculla, Sion, Wadala, Vikhroli and Ghatkopar (all eastern suburbs), Dadar, Khar, Santacruz, Goregaon, Malad, Kandivli, Andheri, Jogeshwari (western suburbs). Visibility at Mumbai International Airport was described as poor. Airport sources said visibility was restricted to just 800 feet this morning.

Majority of schools and colleges declared holiday as a precautionary measures. In the worst hit areas, pedestrians waded through knee-deep water to reach their destination. Flights were reported to be delay by 20-25 mins as per report from Airport authorities.The Met department recorded 293.1 mm rainfall in the Santacruz observatory and 152.4 mm at Colaba in south Mumbai in last 30 hours. The heavy rainfall has caused Mithi river to cross the danger mark of 2.95 m.

Even though 14th July is not on the BMC high tide date list, but high tide of 3.81m is expected in the Tuesday evening. Those who have missed the dates given by BMC for year 2009 can find the list below. All the I can say is, its been almost every year our Municipal officers claims that about a billion rupees are spent each year on bracing the city for the monsoon downpours. Yet rains continue to disrupt normal life.

I wish they should really find a way out to re-architect whole drainage system of Mumbai. As of know, to the citizens of Mumbai and all who are planning to visit city. GET READY FOR ACTION…. And enjoy the downpour with tea and bhajiyas…

Accordingly, heavy floods are anticipated on the following days in Mumbai, if there is excessive rainfall at the time of high tides, since the tides are extremely high on these days: –




Height of Tide

24 June 2009


1:41 PM


25 June 2009


2:24 PM


23 July 2009


1:23 PM


24 July 2009


2:03 PM


25 July 2009


2:43 PM


Photos courtesy : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com


It was historic day on the centre court that witnessed a nerve-racking final between Swiss Ace Roger Federer and man in form from US, Andy Roddick. After almost 4 hr. contests, history was created. By winning the final, Roger has 15 grand slam titles surpassing Pete Sampras 14 slams win. Federer clearly proved that he is the greatest in the history of tennis. I think this record is surely going to be unbroken for a long time. 

The thriller final showed how tough it is to beat Federer in best of 5 set match. Feel extremely sorry for Roddick though. He played his heart out and kept Federer on toes till the last serve. I think the difference was in last two points. That was only time when Federer was able to break Roddick’s service and that was enough for him. This is what makes great champions. They know when to give something extra to make them extraordinary.

 It was really one of memorable final and what a day it was on the centre court with legends like Bjorn Borg, Pete Sampras and Laver watching the match. I feel we all are lucky enough to witness the historic player of the tennis at his best. Though Nadal was not around, but injuries are part and parcel of any game and who knows Federer might had kept some undiscovered shots for Rafa 🙂

Roger you simply rock and you will be my best tennis player ever…cheers..!!!!

Pics Courtesy : 



Yes its true and a fact that Michael Jackson is no more around us.

Its been a almost a week now, families and his relatives preparing for a grand funeral for Michael. I still remember the tragic day I was on my way to office, when I heard 3 continuous song of Michael. It seems like they are celebrating his b’day or some, but I was shocked to hear about his mysterious death. He died at 50.

I was not a hardcore fan of Jacko, but suddenly I felt that yes I am missing the King of Pop and I felt like I should pay tribute to Jacko from my part. Some of his tracks like ‘Thriller’ and ‘Billie Jean” was my favorite of all time. I remember the days when I used to try moonwalk after watching his videos. It’s amazing how many people he touched with his talents. MJ, for most of this generation was an icon who made uncompromising music. His loss is irreplaceable.  

Even though he was surrounded by many controversies in last decades, he conveyed a message to world community through his music everytime. Jacko your name, your music will live forever and you will always be in our hearts. You will be always be remembered. He was a true musical icon whose identifiable voice, innovative dance moves, stunning musical versatility. I don’t have words to express. I was very sad, when I came to know that he was planning a comeback in this July 2009.

 Jacko I cant forget you throughout my life and you will be my favorite pop icon. MAY GOD REST HIS SOUL IN PEACE.



Hey Friends…. I apologize for not been so regular on my blog. Was bit busy with project assignments in States. As hardcore fan of cricket, I was upset because of the change of venue of IPL-2 from India to SA. I had big plans to see matches in Mumbai. But now m bit excited, Guess what…. I got a project assignment in South Africa. Landed in SA on 9th of May, I thought it would be easy for me to get away with tickets for IPL matches. But my dreams shattered when I was told that all tickets for semis and final are sold out. Now I could see no ray of hope…and have to devote ma self in work.

Then I thought what if I couldn’t get tickets for semis and final, I can always try for league matches so as to make ma self-content. So I went back to IPL official site and searched for tickets for league matches. Bingo…I got tickets for Deccan Chargers v/s Kolkata Knight Riders. Even though I love Mumbai Indians as a Mumbaikar, but I love Gilchrist, Gibbs and RP Singh. So I am bit excited to watch them live at Wanderers. It’s on Saturday (16th May 09). Hey friends If anyone has tickets for semis oir final, pls let me know.

Rest of all is fine. Will get back to you all after the match to share my experience on the ground. Bye for now. Cheers


Today we are paying tribute to all the martyrs and innocent people who got killed in the dreadful massacre which happened exactly on last Wednesday. Just slight memories of that incident and innocent people lying on the ground bring tears into my eyes.


I would like to ask everyone, “What Next ?”.Everyone says, This was one the major attacks in Mumbai and also in India, Yes I agree, but what about the earlier attacks?

Casualties would be the same had terrorists carried out these attacks on 10 small hotels instead of TAJ and OBEROI. But enough is enough.


I request you all to keep circulating mails of terror attacks, mails exposing politicians, mails regarding governments in competencies in protecting us and INDIA, their in competencies in taking quick stern actions against culprits .Today I saw the news that politicians spend hundreds of crores of taxpayer’s money to protect themselves. Some of them may be at genuine risk, but there are several politicians who surround themselves with gun-totting commandos and end-up harassing ordinary man and blocking traffic. More than 250 crore is spent on VIP protection.


Its time for Media to force these politicians to answers all questions. Media should make available a platform to pressurize the politicians by common man. They should devote a column in newspaper strictly dedicated to this incident so that it should not get lost easily within a fortnight or a week.


This is a wonderful opportunity for India, when Pakistan is on the backfoot. Let us technically agree that Pakistan govt is not directly involved in it. So, let the Pakistan Govt give logistic support to India to get into their territory and blast out these terrorists agaisnt whom we have sufficient evidence. There is a recent precedence too. Pakistan has given logistic support to US to carry out its operations at Waziristan, a place inside Pakistan, where US drones are eliminating terrorists. We will assure Pakistan that there will be no civilian damage. This will show India’s stand and seriousness in fighting terror. If Pakistan is sincere, they must have no objection…



As a got up in the morning, it was not the same day as usual. At night at around 10.00pm I saw the news that some gangs are firing each other at Oberoi Hotel. But next morning I saw the news the there were no gangs but Mumbai was under terrorist attack. Then one after the other I saw many places which were attacked by terrorist. I was really scared by seeing terrorist openly firing at innocent and unaware crowds at VT, Metro,Taj etc.


It was clear that terrorist have chosen famous Landmark locations for their murderous mayhem. Taj Hotel is one of the heritages of Mumbai for past more than 100 years.

I am not the expert but I think the main intention of the terrorist is to scare the people and most importantly destabilize India as India is developing day by day.


It would be not fair if I did not mention the three top police officers Karkare, Vijay Salaskar and Mr.Kamte and other brave police officers would laid their lives for our country. I salute the daredevilry of these officers who did not bother about their lives to fight such a cowardly and menacing act by some misguided youth. My homage to the brave policemen who gave their today for our safe tomorrow.


Even now while I am writing this post, I heard that Commandos were airdropped at Nariman House. I hope that we will defeat the terrorist because forgiving a terrorist is left to GOD,but fixing their appointment with GOD is our responsibility. Not even a single terrorist should be kept alive.


Friends please find the help lines in case anyone needs,



Taj- 022-66574322, 022-66574372, 1800 111 825;

Trident- 011-23890606;

MEA control room –    91-11-23015300   ,    91-11-23012113    and    91-11-23013537   .       MEA fax number: 91-11-23018158


Emergency Contact Numbers:

MUMBAI: Following are the emergency contact numbers in Mumbai for the public:
Emergency contact numbers:
1. Police hotline 100

2.BMC Disaster Management Cell  22694725
3. Blood Banks 1910
4. Ambulance Services 1298
5. General Complaints 1916
6. Railway Any Emergency 23004000
Travel Agents Mumbai 149
8. Airport Police Helpline 28225709
9. Indian Red Cross Society for Blood bank 22663560
10. Missing Persons Bureau 22621547
11. Police Control Room Helpline 22620111, 22151855
12. Traffic Control Room Helpline 24937747, 24937755
13. Mantralaya Nariman Point Helpline 22024243
14. Collector of Bombay 22661231
15. Traffic Helpline 25181717
16. J J Hospital Blood Bank: Dr. Ganesh, Dr.Nair —
022 23739400
17. Bombay Hospital: Ms Purohit — 22067676 Extn 216
18. St George Hospital Direct Blood Bank:
Tarun – 22620344
19. Taj
Hotel: 022-66574322, 022-66574372,
1800 111 825
20. Trident Hotel: 022-23890606

Courtesy: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Cities/Mumbai_emergency_contact_nos/articleshow/3770561.cms



Dada roars..!!!!

Dada roars..!!!!

It was a day of emotion and drama.It was Dada’s retirement day and yes TIGERS LAST ROAR. I was emotionally touched when I saw dada waving and throwing his t-shirt to the crowds bringing back memories of Lords, where we saw dada’s aggression for cricket.

I am not a die-heart fan of Dada, but Saurav was the best captain India has ever produced till now. He will be remembered for uniting the team and instilling them the fighting spirit and aggression ( the most needed qualities for modern sport person apart from talent). I really enjoyed watching Dada’s offside stroke and overall captaincy.

His true captaincy came to lights during World Cup 2003 when India were considered as an Underdogs with Ganguly selecting new sets of players. But we outperformed each and every team and reached finals. It would not be fair to ignore Dada’s entry into world cricket.The first glimpse of Saurav goes back to Toronto series where he rose to fame after successful test debut in England.His resilience and attitude is something I will always remember and try to emulate in the endeavors of my life also. He is example of determination personified and what he did is possibly something that cant be emulated in the years to come.Saurav is pioneer in making the Indian team that we see today.

Good that his last test ended on the series ending note, with Dhoni even allowing to lead for 3 overs, we saw dada still enjoying his last three overs of careers. I know that Dada’s ending days were not so cheerful, lots of controversies, criticism. But this is Indian cricket, today Dada then it can tendulkar, dravid next. But everyone knows Dada’s contribution to Indian cricket and the way he has lead the team.

Truly Dada…I will miss you and hope even India will truly miss one of the legends of World Cricket.

Dada the inspiration...

Dada the inspiration...

Dada receiving awards

Dada receiving awards



Courtesy- http://www.timesofindia.com/cricket




 I think its a perfect gift to INDIA on its 61st Independence Day. After a memorable achievement Abhinav Bindra returned to his motherland India Abhinav had “realised the dream” of a billion Indians by winning the 10 metre air rifle event at the Beijing Olympics, President Pratibha Patil said on Monday as she congratulated the Chandigarh sportsman who got India its first individual gold medal.

I still remember that moment when the Indian Flag was moving up ahead of rest of the country’s flag. National Anthem being played at the Olympics brought tears in my eyes and am sure it must have done the same for many others ….The 23-year-old Delhi lad, a two-time Olympian, went into the final a joint leader with two others at 597, and shot a 102.1 in a nerve-wracking climax to emerge top from a strong field of 122 shooters from nearly 100 countries. The last time India won an Olympic gold medal was the hockey win at 1980 Olympics in Moscow. And I can say that in a country like India, getting into any sport other than cricket itself is a challenge. Abhinav has shown the young generation that if you want to succeed in any sports, you can achieve it. India has got another hero from non-cricket now. This feat had shown us that if we are determined and hard working we can achieve anything.

I can bet this is the best ever present Indians could expect before Independence and I hope this is one of the many to come for India. Words cannot do justice to these feelings of profound ecstasy and hysteria. Just wanted to congratulate Mr.Bindra for gifting INDIA a long awaited gift. I am posting some snaps when Abhinav landed up in Indira Gandhi National Airport and received a warm welcome by all.

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all the Indians.








Picture courtesy: http://www.indianbytes.com/story.php?title=Pics_Indias_new_pin-up_golden_boy_Abhinav_Bindra_returns_to_huge_welcome_at_Indira_Gandhi_National_Airport